Core services

Initially my role is to understand exactly what you want to achieve.

Using the design thinking processes to break the journey down into parts, I’ve structured my services in a way that helps to understand the journey from Discovery to Delivery. 

You might want to understand the current experience of your clients and need to begin with the Discover phase or you might have drafted a Strategy and you need some help with the Develop phase – coming up with ideas to bring it to life.

Essentially my focus is Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Brand Experience

Contact me now for a free chat and we can discuss what you need.

One of the best things I can give you is insight and practical experience across all the experiential areas.

I have worked across many different disciplines and roles within agencies, corporates, the public sector and my own business. Contributing as Brand Manager, Marketing Manager and Client Experience Lead and also in the Human Resources space leading and delivering many People and Capability and Employee Experience initiatives.

I have looked at organisations through the lens of Brand Manager, Marketing Manager, executive leaders, shareholder, client, customer, employee and partner. I have interviewed leaders, managers, employees, clients and customers from a range of organisations.

My point is I’ve seen organisations from many different view points and I know the practicalities of running a business as well as the needs of the groups of people involved. I can share these insights and practical experience with you and your team.


Additional services

While the focus of PeopleMatter is improving human experiences I’m happy to help with other services as well. If there is anything else you’d like to talk to me about – marketing, graphic design, brand etc. then feel free to ask. I’m also part of a wide network of professionals, free-lancers and consultants so if I can’t help you I will know someone who can.